Simple Ways to Customize Your Vehicle without Spending a Fortune

Whether you have a brand new vehicle or an older one in need of some extra attention, there are a variety of simple ways to customize your vehicle without spending a fortune. Adding some basic products will enhance the look immediately.

Adding items such as license plate frames, seat covers, floor mats, shift knobs, mirrors and steering wheel covers can go a long way to personalizing your vehicle. These budget-friendly items are available in a variety of styles and colors that will provide instant gratification and start you on your way to making the vehicle your own.

Other simple ways to customize your vehicle will require a little more research and expertise to install. Adding a custom LED light kit or two will definitely turn heads and give your vehicle some personality. Most kits can be used inside or out, come with a relay strip, have simple installation instructions and are available in strobe, solid, flashing and a rainbow of color selections. Other lighting features can be added with custom tail lights that can be purchased for your specific vehicle through your dealer or special online order. Xenon blue or high performance headlight bulbs can replace your original equipment bulbs for the ultimate night driving experience and improved visibility. Depending on the kind of vehicle you have, adding fog lights or off-road light kits can complete your functional visibility package.

Want to add a little mystery to your ride? Consider tinting the windows. You will need to check local laws on the opacity grade allowed, but this is a simple way to customize your vehicle and persuade your friends to look a little closer. Window tints can be a do-it-yourself project or installed professionally. Either way, you will be feeling cool, inside and out.

If you want to truly want to add some flair to your prized possession, you can splurge a little on specialty items like decals and graphics, pinstripes, bug deflectors, vent visors, grill inserts, spoilers or hood scoops. Add a little bling with chrome accessories like tailpipe extensions or a gas tank cover, and don’t forget the tire valve caps or washer nozzles. All of these accessories can help your vehicle stand out.

There are endless possibilities and ideas with simple ways to customize your vehicle available through online retailers or by checking at your local dealership. Dealer parts departments sometimes offer close-out pricing for accessorizing new and pre-owned vehicles. When considering personalizing your vehicle there are several options from big changes, like tinting the windows or smaller ones like the air freshener. You can get new car smell, the ever-popular pine or your favorite fragrance. Just remember, however you customize your vehicle, it should reflect your personality and keep you smiling for many years and miles down the road.

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